HP Laserjet 5200 Printer
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   A fuser error has occurred.

   NOTICE A fuser error may appear
   due of insufficient power supply
   insufficient line voltage or a fuser

   X Description:

   1 Fuser temperature low
   2 Fuser-warm up service
   3 Fuser temperature high
   6 Open fuser
   7 Failure to the pressure release 
      mechanism in fuser

   1. Power off the device
   2. Take out fuser then reinstall fuser
       back in device.  Make sure the fuser
       is seated properly within the printer. 
   3. If necessary, Replace fuser connector
   4. If the error continues, swap out the 
   5. Swap out the (LVPS) low-voltage 
       power supply if needed.
   6. Swap out the DC controller if needed


Associated printer model:  HP Laserjet 5200

HP Laserjet 5200 50 fuser error.


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