HP LASERJET P4010 P4014 P4015 P4515 FUSER ERROR 50.




A fuser error has occurred. The values for X are noted below.

  • Fuser Error 50.1: Low fuser temperature
  • Fuser Error 50.2: Fuser warm-up service
  • Fuser Error 50.3: High fuser temperature
  • Fuser Error 50.4: malfunctioning fuser
  • Fuser Error 50.5: sporadic fuser (Ensure voltage model
  • Fuser Error 50.6: Fuser open
  • Fuser Error 50.7: Pressure release mechanism breakdown
  • Fuser Error 50.8: Lower fuser temp
  • Fuser Error 50.9: High fuser temp

  1. Recycle power the HP Laserjet P4010, P4014< P4015, P4515 to figure out if the error is determined.
  2. Ensure that the correct fuser model is installed within the product.
  3. Check that the accurate voltage fuser is installed within the HP product.
  4. Verify that the fusing assembly is securely installed inside printer chassis. Reconnect the fusing assembly and hear for a “click” at the end of the assembly after you install it into the product.
  5. Make sure that the connection to adapter J82 on the DC controller PCA is firmly installed.
  6. Look at the fuser assembly connectors, at the front of the assembly, and the connectors within the high-voltage power supply PCA. Search for twisted pins or particles. Clean or unbend the pins if needed.
  7. In the event that the error display, replace the fusing assembly.
  8. In the event that the error still persists, In the event that the high voltage power supply.

Associated printer models:
HP Laserjet P4010
HP Laserjet P4014
HP Laserjet P4015
HP Laserjet P4515

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