HP Laserjet 600 M602 – Always Defaults to Manual Feed

HP Laserjet 600 M602 – Always Defaults to manual Feed

Setting up a new HP LJ 600 M602dn. Printing from a workstation running Win8.1, using either the Universal Print Driver PCL6 or the printer-specific driver. Printer is set up on a network with a static IP address.

Tray 2 and Tray 3 are loaded with letter, plain. All print jobs prompt to feed paper in Tray 1 unless Manual Feed is disabled via the web interface for the printer. Tray sizes cannot be set using the web interface. Tray 1 is set (automatically) to Any Size, Any Type. I have tried changing the settings for Tray 1 under Use Requested Tray (First/Exclusively) and Manual Feed Prompt (Always/Unless Loaded) and neither setting has any effect.

I just want my print jobs to use paper automatically from Tray 2 or 3 and not prompt for manual feed, especially as Tray 1 is not in use (no paper loaded). Disabling manual feed doesn’t seem like a good option as I may want to use it at some time.

Why is this set as the default behavior? I just want to print and have the printer process the job without walking over to it and hitting a button.

Manual feed should be disabled by default under print settings. Disabling it doesnt mean you cant use the tray, it just wont prompt you to load it with paper on every print job.

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