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Model Number Introduction Date Print Rsolution DPI
HP Laserjet 4000 November 1997 1200
HP Laserjet 4050 May 1999 1200
HP Laserjet 4100 March 2001 1200

    (2) Repalce the Laserscanner   If the light prints continue, the proceed to step 3.
    (1) Turn Economode off, if the rpinter shows the Economode on.  If the ligth prints persist goto step 2.
The printer will  print a page  with the image or characters are light.  


Light Prints

hp laserjet 4000 4050 4100 laser scanner

    (3) Replace DC Controller 

41.3 Error (False)
The printer will begin to print the print job.  After printing 1 page the printer will stop and produce an error 41.3

The 41.3  is a error cuased by the printer believing the page (paper) printed is different size from what the     printer settings are set to.  Either the page is longer or shorter.

    (1) Replace the Feed / Separation rollers.  Word rollers can cause the printer timning to slow down.
    (2) Verify the size detection switch
    (3) Replace Feed Controller PCB


41.5 Error  / Blank Page

The printer will print a blank page and stop and display in control panel a service error 41.5

  (1) Verify the Pick Roller on the paper casstte tray.  Make sure roller is seated correctly.
Replace the Paper Feed Assembly
    (3) Replace the Registration Assembly

Toner rubs off on Labels printed. 

After a lable is printed.  You can rub the ink off the paper.  The toner does not fuser correctly.  

    (1) from the rpinter menu scroll down to Paper Handleing.
    (2) Scroll down to tray 1 type and chnage to label.
    (3) Scroll down to Configure Fuser Mode Menu to (Yes) and after in submenu change the setting for label to



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