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Common Fuser Errors



The most common Fuser Error, with possible cause and remedies.


Associated LaserJet Models:

HP Laserjet 4200

HP Laserjet 4240 HP Laserjet 4250

HP Laserjet 4300

HP Laserjet 4350

HP Laserjet 4345MFP

Control Panel Message:
For help press ?


Error Code X - Description
50.1 Low Fuser Temperature
50.2 Fuser Warm Up Service Error
50.3 Fuser Temperature too High
50.4 Faulty Fuser Error
50.5 Incorrect Fuser Installed
50.6 Fuser Circuit Open


1 Recycle power on device in order to allow printing device to cool down.

2 Check  that the correct model of fusing Assembly is installed.

3 Verify that the correct voltage fusing Assembly is installed.

4 Reinstall the fusing Assembly, and check the connection between the fusing assembly and the printer. Replace the connector if it is damaged.

5 Replace the fusing Assembly.

6 Replace the DC Controller PBC.

7 Replace the (LVPS) power-supply assembly.


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