HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Printer M602dn


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Very fast, low per page cost. Great basic and optional paper handling. Large duty cycle. Supports protected -password printing

Somewhat sub-mediocre text and graphics quality.


The HP LaserJet 600 Printer M602dn is actually a speedy monochrome Laserjet for a active workgroup, with awesome paper handling and a very affordable cost per page.

In cost and functionality, the HP LaserJet  600 Printer M602dn $1,185.55 at Online sites sits directly in between two Reviewers Choice high-volume monochrome laserjet the HP LaserJet Ent. 600 Printer M601dn $1,898.87 at Online Sites and the HP LaserJet Ent. 600 Printer M603dn . Although it did not really equal the rest in production quality in our evaluation, the M602dn is simple to suggest for its raging speed, reliable feature set, and exceptional duty cycle.

The M602dn dimensions 15.7 by 16.3 by 20 inches (HWD) and weighs 58 pounds. The front screen offers a 4-line monochrome Liquid Crystal Display as well as various standard control keys: Home, Stop, Back and Stop in addition a 2-ways rocker control with center key. On the right side is a numeral keypad for keying in PIN codes for password-guarded printing; underneath the Control panel is a  USB port for a thumb drive.

The M602dn has a basic 600-sheet paper capacity, divided in between a 100-sheet multipurpose feeder and a 500-sheet main tray. The printer has an  automatic duplexer for printing two sides of a sheet of paper integrated. Alternative paper-handling choices include a 1,500-sheet input tray ($499 direct), a 400-sheet custom media cassette, a 500-sheet stacker, a 500-sheet input tray, a 75-sheet envelope feeder,  a 500-sheet stapler/stacker, and a 500-sheet 5-bin mailbox. Max paper capacity is 3,600 sheets.

The M602dn is the mid-range model of Hewlett Packard’s M602 series. The M602n  doesn't have an automatic duplexer, while the M602x consists of the duplexer and includes an extra 500-sheet paper tray.

The M602dn offers Ethernet and USB(including GigB), with optionally available WiFi. I evaluated it through an Ethernet connection using its driver set up on a PC running Windows Operating System.

HP LaserJet  600 Printer M602dn

Printing Speed

The M602dn's graded print speed is 52 PPM, while the M603dn is rated at 62 ppm and the M601dn at 45ppm. As expected, the M602dn evaluated at a print speed in the middle of those 2 models. I timed it on our company software application (using QualityLogic's components and software towards timing), at an reliable 14.1 (ppm), while I clocked the M603dn at 14.5 pages per minute and the M601dn at 13.4 pages per minute on the equivalent tests. (The graded speeds are created on text-only printing, while our test suite combines graphics and text pages and pages using mixed content.) The Okidata B730DN , rated at 55 (ppm), assessed a touch slower, at 12 pages per minute.

Production Quality

General, production caliber was a little less than par, however still good for general commercial use. Text quality was a little below average for a laserjet, but still appropriate for the majority of any company uses other than for those calling for really small fonts.

The M602dn's graphics quality is little below average for a monochrome laserjet, effective enough for regular commercial uses, although I would be reluctant to use it for documents I'd be giving to co-workers I was seeking to inspire. It had problems rendering variances in shading in specific characters. Some images displayed moderate banding, a frequent pattern of mild striation an problem that I didn't witness using some other M600-series printers.

Photo quality ended up being standard of monochrome laserjet, effective enough for printing out identifiable graphics from web pages or files.

The M602dn offers the M603dn's very minimal operating costs (1.2 cents each page). The OKI B730DN's cost each page is 1.4 cents, while the M601dn's is 1.7 cents each page.

In duty cycle, price and speed, the Hewlett Packard LaserJet Ent.600 Printer M602dn sits amongst two Reviewers Choice models in Hewlett Packard's family of products, the M601dn and M603dn. It provides the M603dn's extremely low cost each page and its keyboard for password-protected, secure printing. It will cost you $300 additional than the M601dn, however with a lower cost each page you'll make up the price variation just after printing 60Kpages. The M602dn's production quality doesn't  quite fit the other 2 in our testing, however it is acceptable for many business demands. This product has a lot to provide, and is well worth a careful glance by organizations searching for a fast monochrome laserjet for good-volume printing for a big workgroup.