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HP Laserjet M600 Series M601, M602, M603 Common Paper Jam

A paper jam is actually a term applied to explain when prints become wedged within a HP Printer which is not able of ejecting. If this comes about the HP Laserjet Printer isn't going to function effectively until the pages has been physically eliminated.


13.00 Paper Jam
Undetermined door open
Suggested Remedy
make sure that all of the cover / doors are shut.


13.A3 Paper Jam
Power on paper jam right at the paper cassette tray 3 feed sensor.
Suggested Remedy
Check the HP Laserjet Printer for any paper. Look the clear jams area in service handbook.


13.D3 Paper Jam
Delayed to duplex re-feed jam

◦ 13.D3.D1 Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3.D2 Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3.D3 Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3.D4 Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3.D5 Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3.D6 Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3.DD Paper Jam

◦ 13.D3 Paper Jam
Suggested Remedy
Scan the HP Printing device for a jam. Note the clear paper jam section In the service handbook.


HP Laserjet M600 Series M601, M602, M603 Common Paper Jam


13.E5 Paper Jam
A power up jam has occurred.
Suggested Remedy
Check the HP Printer for a jam.


13.EA Paper Jam
An open-door paper jam has happened.
Suggested Remedy
Check the HP Product for the jam.
Utilize the component test to isolate a defective door switch or sensor.


13.EE Paper Jam
A power on paper jam has occurred.
Suggested Remedy
Check the product for a paper jam.


13.FF Paper Jam
A door jam has occurred.
Suggested Remedy
Examine the product for the jam.
Work with the Manual sensors test or / and Tray/Bin manual sensors test to identify a faulty door switch or / and sensor.


13.WX.EE Paper Jam
This specific jamming arises anytime a door is opened when printing.
Suggested Remedy
Confirm that the doors are properly closed.


13.WX Paper Jam
Power on residual paper jam
This jam develops when the prints is present at the paper path jam sensors at printer power up or door close.

Due the up to date Firmware timing prerequisites, the displayed paper jam error code is always 13.FF.FF, only the event log will display 13.WX.FF
Suggested Remedy
Check the HP printing device for a paper jam.


13.WX Fuser Area Jam
A jam in the fusing assembly region has developed.
Suggested Remedy
Clear the paper jam.

Be certain paper satisfies technical specs, search for interferences inside fuser, check that the T2 roller is setup securely.


13.WX Fuser wrap jam
Suggested Remedy
take out the paper jam.


13.WX  Paper Jam below control panel
◦ 13.B2.9Z (event code)
Page at duplex switchback jam.
Z = the source tray number
Suggested Remedy
Look through the printing device for the jam.


13.WX. Paper Jam in (manual Feed tray) Tray 1
◦ 13.B2.D1 (event code)
Delayed to registration jam, from Tray 1

This jam appears any time the prints does not get to the TOP sensor in assigned total amount of time starting from the start of paper pickup at printing from Tray 1 & duplex printing.
Suggested Remedy
Eliminate the paper jam.


13.WX Paper Jam in Tray <X>
A improper feeding paper jam has appeared.
Suggested Remedy
Remove the jam.


13.WX Paper jam within (Tray 1) Envelope feeder
A jam rests within the accessory envelope feeder.
Suggested Remedy
Clear out the jam.


13.WX Paper Jam below top cover
A paper jam exists on the inside the below top cover.
Suggested Remedy
Clear the paper jam.

13.1 Paper Jam Late Paper Jam
13.2 Paper Jam
13.20 Paper Jam At Fuser Assembly
13.13 Paper Jam


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